Company Profile

Tribal Existance Productions is a global production services company with over a decade of expertise in the music, film and production services industries. Our experience includes the production of special events, concerts, tours and laser light shows. Each production is custom designed to meet the needs for each client. We are licensed, insured, experienced professionals with more than a decade of experience in our industry.

We are a full service production company. We provide professional, high quality service and FDA, CDRH approved equipment. Tribal Existance Productions complies with all International, Federal, State and local codes and safety requirements. We obtain all authorizations, permits and approvals required in each venue.

Some of the clients we have had the honor of working with, include Clear Channel, Dreamworks, Live Nation, H-mart Corporation, Ford, The BBC, PBS Networks, The US Department of Defense, The US Air Force, Toyota, The Harmony Festival, NASA, MTV Networks, Golden Globe Awards, The BBB and many more. Our expertise includes numerous international presentations across the globe.

Tribal Existance Productions is committed to fulfilling each of our client's unique lighting requirements wherever their projects may take them. Our experienced staff works with each client to turn their dreams into reality, through quality innovation, while helping them stay on-time and on-budget.

Tribal Existance Productions can help you design your next event, concert tour, trade show, ultra lounge, exhibit or booth, church event, film shoot, stage and theatrical production. We can also help create that perfect, memorable wedding. We know what it is like to be in your situation. So we'll go the extra distance to help ensure you have a smooth set-up and rehearsal, then a brilliant performance. We'll provide the lights. You take the bows.